VirtualBox at warp speed, Book

by Senthil Nathan

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Direct and matter-of-fact writing style with concise explanations. Provides a quick and easy reference to maintaining your virtualized environment. Use the scripts provided to create, customize and maintain a production environment. Check out the VirtualBox FAQ page to have an instant boost of knowledge about VirtualBox and virtualization!

Writing style

A lot of thought went into simplifying the explanations to what is the ideal amount of detail that a technology enthusiasts would appreciate and digest. The ideas and procedures presented have been tested and are implementation ready. The goal was to include everything that would be important to create, maintain and use VirtualBox. The book does expect you to have some systems administration background to appreciate the concise writing. The approach also turns the book into an effective reference guide.

The script listings are available for download. Reading through the scripts will help you understand the steps involved in the task. Or you can take the approach of using the scripts to complete the task, without much regard to the individual steps/commands. Ideally you would want to examine and customize the scripts to your specific environment. The scripts in the book will be revised and made available online as I receive feedback or contribution for updates.

This book will save you 100's of hours researching, understanding, experimenting and deciding on a right approach on virtualization. It will help you become an expert, and also let you have a stable foundation should you decide to expand your career in virtualization.