About the book

Cover PageThis book offers a practical approach at virtualization using the open source virtualization software VirtualBox. Most industry use of virtualization relies on commercial products which offer a plethora of features for top dollar. The book will help you achieve virtualization quickly, without having to spend on commercial software. This book will influence you to virtualize your servers you build going forward. It cuts to the chase and provides a distilled approach to learning virtualization and VirtualBox in expressive and easily digestible chapters. With zero cost, small time investment and the tools and knowledge you need, there will be no stopping you from realizing all the benefits of virtualization. The book comes with a set of scripts that lays out the command syntax and the sequence. Avoids the guess work and trail & error to get where you need to be.

The book provides an overview of virtualization and a hands-on command-line approach to constructing and maintaining your virtualized environment. The book aims to: